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Champs-Elysées Film Festival / 6th iteration

Selection of French and American Independent films (Feature length and Short films)

The 6th iteration of the Festival will take place from the 15th to the 22nd of June 2017.

Selected works must have been completed in the 18 months prior to being screened at the festival.

  • American Feature Films must be a French premiere and in English language.
  • French Feature Films must be a Parisian premiere and in French Language.
  • Concerning the coproductions with a foreign country, it is the major coproducer who gives its nationality to the film.

For the selection of French and American feature films (fiction, animation, documentary), a Vimeo link available until the end of June 2017 should be provided to the programmer. The registration fee is 35 euros.

For the selection of French and American short films (fiction, animation, documentary and experimental), a Vimeo link available until the end of June 2017 should be provided to the programmer. The short film must not exceed 15 minutes. The registration fee is 10 euros.

The submission fees can be paid with PayPal or by Check (for French submissions only) to Champs-Elysées Film Festival.

Please send us back the form by EMAIL before the 10th of April 2017:

. The entry form duly completed, dated and signed.

. The rules and regulations dated and signed.

. A copy of the PayPal invoice.

The festival retains the right to disqualify an entry, with no refunded fee, if submission guidelines are not met.

The official selection will be announced at the press conference, 4th of May 2017.

A DCP will be needed for the festival’s screenings.

A DVD/Bluray will be asked for the festival’s archives.


>> Entry Form <<

>> Rules and regulations <<

Contacts :

  • American Independent Feature Film Competition

Chantal Lian / clian@cefilmfestival.com    Giulio Casadei / gcasadei@cefilmfestival.com

  • French Independent Feature Film Competition

Alex Masson / grozillaleretour@gmail.com    Giulio Casadei / gcasadei@cefilmfestival.com

  • American Short Films Competition

Chantal Lian / clian@cefilmfestival.com    Giulio Casadei / gcasadei@cefilmfestival.com

  • French Short Film Competition

Claire Tartane / claire.tartane@icloud.com    Chantal Lian / clian@cefilmfestival.com    Giulio Casadei / gcasadei@cefilmfestival.com

US in Progress Paris 2017 launches its call for entries: US films in post, apply now !
DEADLINE : April 20th2017, no entry fee


US IN PROGRESS PARIS, a three-day work in progress event targeted at US independent filmmakers and European buyers, will take place in the scope of the Champs-Elysées Film Festival on June 20-22 2017 in Paris.

The programme is now looking for 5 US independent films in post-production (rough & fine cuts). The call for entries is open till April 20th 2017. Application form and Terms and Conditions can be found online:

The application requirements for the films are the following:

  • Narrative and documentary feature projects in post-production are eligible.
  • Production Company needs to be US based.
  • Films looking for completion money, services and sales agent or European distribution should apply.
  • Films in post-production when applying, with at least 30 min of the film edited and to reach feature format by June 1st If selected, the feature length version of the rough/fine cut will be presented on June 20-22. No excerpts or trailers will be accepted.
  • Films with no US or International premiere nor European sales representation prior to June 22nd 2017 are eligible.

US in Progress is a joint initiative between New Horizons Association (American Film Festival) and Champs-Elysées Film Festival. It presents independent US films in final production stages to European buyers, post-production companies and festival programmers in order to help them achieve completion and to foster the circulation and distribution of American indie films in Europe. US IN PROGRESS involves two yearly get-togethers at two different festivals (Paris in June and Wroclaw in October). The next event will take form of two days of exclusive screenings of the 5 selected films (behind closed doors, for registered guests only) and one-to-one meetings on June 22nd 2017.

As a bonus to contracts resulting from the presentations and meetings, a jury made of professionals (Europa Distribution, Producers Network, Ciné +, Eaux Vives Productions, TitraFilm, Kickstarter, Centre Phi) will award one of the selected work in progress. The awarded movie will get post-production and promotion services in kind for a value of € 45,000.

The last Paris and Wroclaw editions attracted more than 40 buyers and producers. Alumni of the workshop were selected in Sundance 2013 (I USED TO BE DARKER, MILKSHAKE, A TEACHER), Berlinale 2013 (HIDE YOUR SMILING FACES, I USED TO BE DARKER), SXSW 2013 (A TEACHER), Tribeca 2013 (HIDE YOUR SMILING FACES, BLUEBIRD), Karlovy Vary 2013 (BLUEBIRD), Toronto International Film Festival 2013 (1982), Sundance 2014 (PING PONG SUMMER), SXSW 2015 (CREATIVE CONTROL), Rotterdam 2016 (ACTOR MARTINEZ), Berlinale 2016 (NAKOM), Sundance 2017 (MENASHE), Berlinale 2017 (CALIFORNIA DREAMS).

The 6th edition of Champs-Elysées Film Festival is to take place in Paris from June 15th to 22nd 2017.


Chantal Lian, Organiser / Selection clian@cefilmfestival.com   Marie Zeniter, Organiser / Selection mzeniter@cefilmfestival.com


>> Entry Form <<

>> Rules and regulations <<