Camp Claude


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Minimalistic, spacey, in turns icy and fiery, Camp Claude’s music is a mix of sounds and sensations. Camp Claude: an inspired and unique triumvirate who has soon aroused interest in reshuffling the cards of a hybrid music which doesn’t fit in boxes. When defining their style, the members of the group prefer to refer to it as “sky wave” , at the intersection of rock, pop and electro music.

Initially, the band was born of a spontaneous and incidental encounter in 2013, when the three members collaborated on a video project that started the spark which propelled their future engine. Mike Giffts and Leo Hellden invited Diane Sagnier to their studio where they recorded the tracks that defined the band’s identity. A master stroke for a first try, noticed by the critics, the audience and the Inrocks Lab, Camp Claude imposed their mark, without subterfuge and by word of mouth. An EP, Hurricanes, follows in August 2014 along with a series of concerts and an album in 2016. The trio establishes itself as a concert band, getting noticed at Rock en Seine festival that same summer. Their live setting is composed of Leo at the guitar, Mike at the machines and Diane both guitar and vocal. Paradox among others, of this international trio : at a time when they still see themselves as « a permanent work in progress », their first album, Swimming Lessons, demonstrate an undeniable maturity.

Friday 16th june – 10:30pm / 11:30pm – Festival’s rooftop

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