La féline


Crédits photo : Aleguirk


To discover La Féline’s music is to discover the one who embodies it : a unique personality in the « French pop » world. Ever since her beginnings on the indie pop scene, Agnès Gayraud has drawn a path for herself between two worlds, music and texts. Here and there, smoother as it goes, she’s being honored for her writing, her personality, her presence, her guitar playing and her singing. All of this creates a music both very personal and very open to others and the new album, after the poignant Adieu l’Enfance, lush and atypical, Triomphe, released this January 27th. « What an ambition ! It leaves us in awe. » (MAGIC)
We’ve known Agnes and her solo set, offering an intimate and rock version of her songs: it is with a band that she’ll perform this time, with all the power required for this ambitious new record. With these new songs « Agnes Gayrand takes us on little marked out territories – or by Amazons, Claire Diterzi, Camille, PJ Harvey » (ELLE), rich in swirling ascents. The die is cast and Triomphe confirms this popularity : « Agnes Gayraud has joined the family of sorceresses that play stunning tricks to French pop » (LES INROCKS)
Watch the music video « Séparés »

Saturday 17th June – 10:30pm / 11:30pm – Festival’s Rooftop

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