Requin chagrin


© Etienne Daho


Requin Chagrin happened very fast. Noticed by La Souterraine only a few days after putting their song Adelaïde online, they were chosen to appear on vol. 5 :

They then performed on stage as a four piece band (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards). Followed by Marion Brunetto recording in a bedroom – that sounds like a garage – 7 additional songs on vinyl (10” Requin Chagrin, limited edition at Objet Disque, available on October 31st), in only a few months. Easy!

Requin Chagrin is mixing 60’s sunshine pop oriented melodies with a shoegaze sound that we haven’t heard in such a pure simplicity since the beginning of the 90’s ; they have an authentic DIY aesthetic.

Marion Brunetto, the singer-songwriter/guitar player/sound recorder and mixer, gives Requin Chagrin a priceless freedom. She resuscitates French pop in a surf music manner, smoked with a lofi filter. When her sunny guitars come to light up her melancholic confidence, Requin Chagrin revive our memories of summer evenings and holidays ending in sweet nostalgia.

A sweet and refreshing pop road trip, facing the sunset.

Sunday 18th June – 18h30 / 19h30 – Festival’s Rooftop

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