• Johnny Handsome
    © 1989 Studiocanal
  • Johnny Handsome
    © 1989 Studiocanal
Port of Call New Orleans
Johnny Handsome
Walter Hill
Drama | USA | 1989 | 1h 30min
Date & Time
18:30 - Sun. 18 Jun 2017
Publicis Cinémas - Theater 2
English with French subtitles

His congenital deformities has won John Sedley, an insignificant gangster, the nickname « Johnny Handsome ». Betrayed during a hold-up by his accomplices, Sunny and Rafe, he is arrested by the police. During his time in jail, he is the victim of an attempted murder. Dr. Fisher suggests his death and decides to use him as a guinea pig. Convinced that Johnny’s criminal past is related to his physical monstrosity, he makes him undergo several cosmetic surgery operations. Endowed with a new face and identity and free, he is torned between his love for a woman and his desire for revenge. He gains the trust of Sunny and Rafe with the aim of having them caught during a robbery he has orchestrated himself. The traitors, having discovered his true identity, hunt him down…


Mickey Rourke, Ellen Barkin, Elizabeth McGovern, Morgan Freeman, Forest Whitaker

Year : 1989
Country : USA
Runtime : 1h 30min
Language : English with French subtitles
Colour : -
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