Sophie Dulac’s editorial


It took us seven years to fully assume our independence, both regarding our program lineup and our identity.

When you know how difficult it is for American independent cinema to continue existing opposite to blockbusters, our will to introduce French audiences to films they might never see in theaters is stronger and more asserted than ever. The same thing goes for the French films of our competition as they get to be screened in the United States thanks to the solid links we’re building with several American festivals and institutions.

For the second year in a row, our fight for independence is also shown as we spotlight the new Parisian musical scene with showcases and DJ sets to enliven the parties following the screenings.

We put all our energy in this event that brightens the Champs-Élysées avenue for a week with a sophisticated lineup and exacting guests.
Join us from June 12 to 19 to carry on this adventure together. Paris needs to dream, the spectators need to dream, and what is cinema but a dream?

Sophie Dulac, President of the festival

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