Feature Films Jury


Bertrand Bonello will preside the Feature Films Jury alongside:

bagieu                foumbi        oufella

 Pénélope Bagieu                        Irène Dresel                               Ellie Foumbi                            Rabah Nait Oufella

 “I sometimes feel like everything I’ve learned in life, I’ve learned it through cinema and movies. Movies taught me to look at the world, to listen to it, to dream of it changing. Movies made me understood politics, movies taught me love, movies taught me travel. Making them was simply an extention of my spectator gaze. And it is for all these reasons that I am thrilled and honored to preside this twelfth edition of Champs-Élysées Film Festival, bridging French and American independent creation. I will, with the members of my jury, discover twelve films. Twelve voices. Twelve outlooks on the world. Twelve desires of cinema, desires of forms, desires of speech, desires of mise en scene. This is an immense joy.”

Bertrand Bonello – Feature Films Jury President

Six  independent french features and six american independent features will make up the two official 2023 feature films competitions.  Official Competitions will be revealed on June 8.

Short Formats Jury


 Rebeka Warrior will preside the Short Formats Jury alongside:

        dore       rieth      soualem

Charlotte Abramow                  Dimitri Doré                                Simon Rieth                                Lina Soualem

“I am honored to preside the Short Formats Jury of Champs Élysées Film Festival. Of course I would’ve rather been President Full Stop but Short President is already pretty good. It’s a category that I love to watch because its directors are often very free and unhibited. It’s a format that’s less restrictive than features and that allows for all kinds of extravagances. It’s cinema’s rebel kid. And as General de Gaulle once said “I think there are honest resistances and legitimate rebellions.” Nah, I’m kidding. It’s Amanda Lear who said it. See you soon.”

Rebeka Warrior – Short Formats President

Two programs of French shorts films, two programs of American shorts films, and a brand new program of French mid-length short films will make up the official 2023 competitions of short and mid-length films. Official Competitions will be revealed on May 3.

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