• This Closeness
American Feature Films Competition
This Closeness
By Kit Zauhar
Fiction | USA | 2022 | 1h28
Date & Time
19:00 - Fri. 23 Jun 2023
Le Lincoln - Salle 3
20:45 - Sun. 25 Jun 2023
Le Balzac - Salle 2

Tessa (anxious, brainy, needy) is an ASMRtist. Ben (charming, secure, hotheaded) is a freelance journalist. The couple goes to Philly for a weekend to attend Ben’s high school reunion.They stay at an airbnb where their host is a socially inept, reclusive, perpetually-uncomfortable-in-his-own-body video editor. This is Adam. Ben and Tessa quickly make the apartment their psychosexual playground, adding insult to injury when Ben brings home an old classmate, the easily infatuated Lizzy. Adam becomes an unwilling voyeur to the most private parts of the couple’s life, while Tessa becomes a spy into his strange and unnerving lifestyle. While Ben seeks validation from old classmates, Tessa is left to find her own affection and attention from Adam. When Tessa betrays his trust, Adam brings home Kristin, a vulnerable young woman, in an attempt to reclaim his territory and re-establish dominance.


With Kit Zauhar, Zane Pais, Ian Edlund, Jessie Pinnick, Kate Williams


Kit Zauhar is a writer, director, and actress from Philadelphia. Her first film, Actual People, premiered at Locarno Film Festival and went on to play at BAMcinemaFest, Jeonju Film Festival, and Taipei Film Festival, among others. It is currently streaming worldwide on MUBI. Her previous shorts include the award-winning The Terrestrials and Helicopter. She is currently developing a television show based on Actual People and her third feature.

French Premiere
Year : 2022
Country : USA
Runtime : 1h28
Language : English
Colour : -

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