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Competition: American Short Films
El Adios
Clara Roquet
Fiction / Drama | Spain, USA | 2015 | 16 min
A Bolivian maid attempts to honor her late mistress's last wishes.
Director: Clara Roquet Screenplay:Clara Roquet Production company: Lastor Media Producer: Sergi Moreno, Tono Folguera Cinematography: Gris Jordana Edition: Mounia Akl, Carlos Marqués-Marcet Sound: Diego Casares Art direction: Evelin Hernandez, Ana Pons-Formosa Music: Paul Tyan
Jenny Rios, Mercè Pons, Júlia Danés
Clara Roquet is a young writer and director from Spain. Her first screenplay, "S.L. Familia", won a Special Prize from the Jury of the VIII Julio Alejandro Award. Her second feature script, co-written with Carlos Marques-Marcet, was the SXSW award-winning film 10.000KM, short-listed as candidate to represent Spain at the Academy Awards and also the winner of a Goya Award. Thanks to a full scholarship from the La Caixa Foundation, Roquet is currently pursuing a M.F.A. in Screenwriting.
Year : 2015
Country : Spain, USA
Runtime : 16 min
Language : -
Colour : -