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Une famille à louer
Special Screenings
Une famille à louer
Charity Evening: Les Toiles Enchantées

Jean-Pierre Améris
Comedy | France | 2015 |
Date & Time
20:00 - Mon. 15 Jun 2015
Publicis Cinémas - S.1
The filmmakers will attend the screening

Paul-André (Benoît Poelvoorde) is a shy and rather reserved man. Wealthy but alone, profoundly bored, he arrives to the conclusion he needs a family. Violette (Virginie Efira), a young woman full of life, is threatened with eviction and is afraid of loosing the custody of her children. Paul-André offers her to rent her family, all good and honour, in exchange for her debts repayments, in order for him to taste, as a trial, the joys of family life! For better and for worse.


Jean-Pierre Améris - Director & Screenwriter
Murielle Magellan - Screenwriter
Nathalie Gastaldo - Producer
Philippe Godeau - Producer


Benoît Poelvoorde
Virginie Efira
François Morel
Edith Scob

Year : 2015
Country : France
Runtime : -
Language : French
Colour : Colour
Access to the screening

The Screening for the Charity Evening "Les Toiles Enchantées" is only accessible via a dedicated box-office with special prices.
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