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Such Good Friends
Such Good Friends
Otto Preminger
Comedy, Drama | USA | 1971 | 101 min
Date & Time
18:00 - Fri. 12 Jun 2015
UGC George V - S.4

Julie Messinger has it made. She is a New York housewife whose husband, Richard, is an editor for a prominent photography magazine. When Richard goes into the hospital for a minor mole-removal surgery, Julie discovers her husband’s «little black book,» which contains the names of some of her friends.


Otto Preminger - Director
Otto Preminger - Producer
Joan Didion - Screenplay
Elaine May - Screenplay
David Shaber - Screenplay


Dyan Cannon - Julie Messinger
James Coco - Doctor Timmy Spector
Jennifer O'Neil - Miranda Graham
Ken Howard - Cal Whiting


Otto Preminger was born in Wiznitz in 1905. In 1934, while searching for new talents in Europe, Joseph Schenck, CEO of 20th Century Fox, invited him to Hollywood. In 1945, Preminger won great acclaim as director with Laura, a psychological film noir. Tired of the Hollywood system, he decided to self-produce his films, thanks to Associated Artists. His first independent film was The Moon Is Blue (1953), a real triumph. After returning to Fox, he signed a now-legendary western, River of No Return with Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe. Bonjour Tristesse, Advise & Consent and The Cardinal are some of his most well known films.

Year : 1971
Country : USA
Runtime : 101 min
Language : English
Colour : -