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The Rose
The Rose
Mark Rydell
Musical, Drama | USA | 1979 | 134 min
Date & Time
20:00 - Sun. 14 Jun 2015
Publicis Cinémas - S.1
Vilmos Zsigmond will attend the screening

The film follows Rose’s career during her last tour, as she’s determined to return to her Florida hometown. Although a success, she’s exhausted and lonely but her gruff and greedy manager forces her to continue working. Through loud and brassy, Rose is an insecure alcoholic and former drug user who seems to crave approval in her life. Her rock and roll lifestyle of Drugs, Sex, and Rock and Roll and constant touring lead her to an inevitable breakdown.


Mark Rydell - Director
Bo Goldman - Screenplay
Bill Kerby - Screenplay
Vilmos Zsigmond - Director of Photography
Aaron Russo - Producer
Marvin Worth - Producer


Bette Midler - Mary-Rose Foster - The Rose
Alan Bates - Rudge Campbell
Frederic Forrest - Houston Dyer
Harry Dean Stanton - Billy Ray


Mark Rydell was born in 1929 in New York City. He began his career as a pianist then an actor in Broadway plays; his first film role came with Don Siegel’s Crime in the Streets (1956). A TV actor for six years in As The World Turns, in the 1960s he directed other TV series and TV films. His first cinema film as a director, The Fox (1967), is loosely based on the novella by H.D. Lawrence. A dozen feature-length films followed, including: The Cowboys (1972), The Rose (1979), On Golden Pond (1981), The River (1984), For The Boys (1991) and Intersection (1994).

Year : 1979
Country : USA
Runtime : 134 min
Language : English
Colour : Colour