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Special Screenings
This is Orson Welles
Clara & Julia Kuperberg
Documentary | France | 2015 | 52 min
Date & Time
15:30 - Fri. 12 Jun 2015
Publicis Cinémas - S.1

Misunderstood genius, superstar, Hollywood’s fallen angel … Orson Welles left his indelible mark on the 20th century.

Yet how to talk about Welles without falling into overstatement and excess?

Discover the man behind the myth in a rare interview with Orson Welles and the exclusive memories of his friends and admirers.

Martin Scorsese, Henry Jaglom, his eldest daughter Chris Welles, together with old friends Peter Bogdanovich and the critic Joseph Mc Bride, deliver an intimate portrait of the man who shattered every rule of American film-making.

From the scandal of his War of the Worlds broadcast to the RKO years and his exile in Europe, Orson Welles looks back with humour and emotion on his errors, his successes, his early stage career and his education in the art of film-making.


Clara Kuperberg - Director
Julia Kuperberg - Director
Clara Kuperberg - Screenplay
Julia Kuperberg - Screenplay
Clara Kuperberg - Editing
Julia Kuperberg - Editing
Peter Krajewski - Director of Photography
Mike Nolan - Director of Photography

Year : 2015
Country : France
Runtime : 52 min
Language : English
Colour : Colour