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Being There
The Jeremy Irons Selection
Being There
Hal Ashby
Comedy | USA | 1979 | 130 min
Date & Time
14:00 - Wed. 10 Jun 2015
Publicis Cinémas - S.2
EN/sFR - 35mm

Forty years old gardener Chance is a simple and naive man, calmly taking care of his garden while living in a “tough” neighbourhood. He lives alone, never goes out, has never driven a car. His only entertainment is television. When his employer dies, he is forced out of his peacefulness. He’s hit by a car and the driver, Eve Rand, welcomes him in her house and takes care of him. Chance befriends Benjamin Rand, her husband, who is about to welcome the President of the United States. At the meeting, Chance’s interventions are understood as prophecies: he becomes a darling of the media and powerful.


Hal Ashby - Director
Jerzy Kosinski - Screenplay
Andrew Braunsberg - Producer
Caleb Deschanel - Director of Photography
Don Zimmerman - Editing
Johnny Mandel - Music


Peter Sellers - Chance
Shirley MacLaine - Eve Rand
Melvyn Douglas - Benjamin Rand
Jack Warden - Bobby

Year : 1979
Country : USA
Runtime : 130 min
Language : English
Colour : Colour