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  • Surprise Bag by le Balzac
  • Surprise Bag by le Balzac
  • Surprise Bag by le Balzac
  • Surprise Bag by le Balzac
  • Surprise Bag by le Balzac
  • Surprise Bag by le Balzac
Surprise Bag by le Balzac
Young Audience Screenings
Surprise Bag by le Balzac
Freshwater Marines
75 min
11:00 - Sun. 14 Jun 2015
Le Balzac - S.1

Program, presentation and lecture of captions: Mireille Beaulieu
Piano: Thomas Lavoine
Cello: Sary Khalife

Down in the Deep (France, 1907, 7 min)
Fairytale by Ferdinand Zecca
A fisherman goes to sleep on the seaside. A fairy and two mermaids show up. The fisherman wakes up and asks their permission to visit their lands. The fairy accepts and the fisherman goes down to the sea depths. He arrives in a cave where lays a giant shell. In order to get to it, he must fight an octopus then an enormous fish. He goes into the shell and goes to sleep. When he wakes up, he wears a giant pearl necklace. He goes to the surface to give it to his wife. As soon as she wears it, she transforms into a princess. The fairy appears again and transforms their house into a palace.

Robinson Crusoe (USA, 1925, 6 min)
Animated short by Walter Lantz
Series Dinky Doodle
Like Robinson Crusoe, Walter Lantz and his two protagonists gets stranded on an island inhabited by cannibals.

Towed in a Hole (USA, 1933, 20 min)
Burlesque by George Marshall with Laurel & Hardy
Fishmongers, Laurel & Hardy decide to go without any fishermans. They buy a used boat and begin to fix and repaint it.

Alice’s Day at the Sea (USA, 1924, 11 min)
Animated short by Walt Disney with Virginia Davis
Alice finds herself in Neptune’s Kingdom where adventure awaits her: she gets eaten by a big fish, she must fight a giant octopus… But Alice wakes up, it was only a dream...

Sinbad the Sailor (USA, 1935, 7 min)
Animated short by Ub Iwerks
Series in Comicolor
The boat of Sinbad, the likeable hero, is attacked by pirates. When everything seems over, the hero, helped by his parrot, will try to turn things over.

The Boat (USA, 1921, 27 min)
Burlesque by Buster Keaton & Eddie Cline
With Buster Keaton, Sybil Seely
After a few catastrophic attempts, Buster finally gets to fulfill his dream: he goes on a cruise with his family on a boat he built himself. A storm will put the boat and the father to the test.