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The Safdie Brothers: Carte Blanche
John's Gone
Joshua & Ben Safdie
Comedy | USA | 2010 | 22 min
JOHN'S GONE is a fever dream comedy. John sells things online, cheats off dollar stores, needs friends but settles for strangers, has roaches. He is punch drunk, not with love but something far more strange and lost. One can only say John's gone. With JOHN'S GONE, the Safdie brothers fully embrace the aesthetic of consumer-quality video, adding a touch of depravity to the proceedings and suggesting a time-out-of-joint aspect to the short that (visually) seems to date from two decades earlier.

Ben Safdie - Director
Joshua Safdie - Director
Ben Safdie - Screenplay
Joshua Safdie - Screenplay
Ben Safdie - Producer
Joshua Safdie - Producer
Joshua Safdie - Director of Photography
Ben Safdie - Editing
Joshua Safdie - Editing
Paul Grimstad - Music
Abner Jay - Music


Ben Safdie
Dakota Goldhor
Owen Kline

About the directors

Josh and Benny Safdie, thirty and twentynine years old, were born and brought up in New York City, under the eye of their father’s Video 8 camera, filming them as they ate, fought, played, performed, drew, and even slept, showing them the importance of small moments in the height of chaos. All the while, their mother grounded them with stability. In high school, the brothers met Alex Kalman and started Red Bucket Films. This has become a playhouse of ideas with Sam Lisenco, Brett Jutkiewicz and Zachary Treitz. Over the years the brothers have collaborated on many shorts, both intellectually and technically: pushing and pulling each other constantly, with a fight here and there. This conversation bleeds onto their other work, Benny with his photography, and Josh with his drawings and sculptures. Their work has been on display at many international festivals including the Director’s Fortnight in Cannes, where Benny’s short film The Acquaintances of a Lonely John premiered and Josh’s first feature film, The Pleasure of Being Robbed had its International premiere. The film earned him Best First Film at the Mexico City International Film Festival and the Heineken Red Star Award. The film is available in the US through IFC Films and in France via Sophie Dulac Distribution. Lenny and the Kids is the first feature film co-written and directed by the two brothers. They live and work in New York, and will probably die there too.

Year : 2010
Country : USA
Runtime : 22 min
Language : English
Colour : Colour