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Killer Joe
William Friedkin Retrospective
Killer Joe
William Friedkin
Thriller | USA | 2011 | 102 min
Date & Time
18:15 - Sat. 13 Jun 2015
UGC George V - S.4

Finding himself in considerable debt, Chris a Texan drug dealer, decides the only solution is to murder his mother to collect the insurance money. Getting together with his father, the ex-husband of Chris’ mother, they decide to hire Joe Cooper a contract killer, who also happens to be a police detective. The plan is that the money will go to Chris’ sister Dottie. However due to the size of the contract fee, Chris agrees that Joe can take Dottie as a retainer until the insurance comes through.


William Friedkin - Director
Tracy Letts - Screenplay
Nicolas Chartier - Producer
Scott Einbinder - Producer
Caleb Deschanel - Director of Photography
Darrin Navarro - Editing
Tyler Bates - Music


Matthew McConaughey - Killer Joe Cooper
Emile Hirsch - Chris Smith
Juno Temple - Dottie Smith
Thomas Haden Church - Ansel Smith


For sheer cinematic punch, it’s hard to equal the films of William Friedkin.   In 1971, THE FRENCH CONNECTION was released to critical acclaim and won five Academy Awards, including for Best Picture and Best Director. Friedkin followed up with 1973’s THE EXORCIST which was nominated for 10 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.  Other films include SORCERER, TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A., RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, THE HUNTED, BUG, AND KILLER JOE.

Year : 2011
Country : USA
Runtime : 102 min
Language : English
Colour : Colour